Free Printable Gift Wrapping Papers & Tags – Smiles & Confetti

Free Printable Gift Wrapping Papers & Tags - Smiles & Confetti

When it comes to wrapping presents for the holidays I prefer to go the non-traditional route. Not only am I never really into the whole red and green combo thing, but it makes the most sense to me mostly because of all of the birthdays I celebrate before and after Christmas. I usually wrap all the gifts I send out in different wrappings and trims, but this year I wanted all my pressies to be sent out in matching style. That’s why I designed 3 different gift wraps,  and 4 different gift tags to share with you! 

To download the smiley face gift wrap CLICK HERE!
To download the confetti gift wrap CLICK HERE!
To download the fun illustrations gift wrap CLICK HERE!

These papers are sized at 8.5″ x 11″ so they can easily be printed from your own home. When printing papers at home, remember to set your print quality to high and make sure to select that the printer manages the colors.

These designs are the perfect size for small presents! However, if you want to use them for bigger packages you can also take the file to your local print shop and have them enlarged. Another option is to use scissors and a glue stick to attach them together at the pattern overlap.

To download the git tags, CLICK HERE! 

The gift tags can be made in a variety of sizes by adjusting the print dimensions in the printer preview window. You can print them on regular paper, but a thick cardstock gives them a nicer feel.

What I especially love about these gift wrap designs I created, is that they can be used all year long! Of course, they are perfect for holidays and birthdays, but there is so much more than you can do with them. Use them as scrapbook paper, for wrapping up a hostess gift, or turn them into cards or stationery!

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